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    You know that hiring an experienced, trusted lawyer like the top-rated at the is the best way to insure that your your rights are protected and personal claim is maximized. What you may not know is that the Injury Network is one of the few personal injury law firms in Upland, Ontario, Montclair, La Verne, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Bloomington and the surrounding areas of Southern California to have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

    One such tool is our “Personal Injury Accident Checklist”. Using it will help you to prepare for your first meeting with the expert from the Attorney Injury Network.

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    Even if you do not hire the Attorney Injury Network, our free personal injury tools will be helpful no matter which law firm you choose to retain. All of the tools are free and our Accident Checklist is included below. Our other tools are so exclusive that other firms would love to get their hands on them. So, they are only available to our clients and the subscribers to our Newsletter. You may also call our office or use the contact form on this page to request a copy of “Personal Injury Accident Claim Maximizer Kit”. It is chocked full of many helpful forms and information to “get the maximum possible settlement or verdict” from your case.

    “One way that we are able to maintain our reputation for success is by educating our clients equipping them with some simple yet powerful tools proven to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for their case.”

    Here is just a sample of what is included in the “Personal Injury Accident Claim Maximizer Kit”:

    • > Detailed explanation of what to do after an accident
    • > 5 simple things that could prove who was at fault in an accident and how to document them
    • > 10 common costly mistakes that personal injury victims make after an accident
    • > How to reduce the impact of an accident on your insurance rates
    • How to obtain a police report
    • > How to properly document the accident scene
    • > What to do if the police do not make a full report of your accident
    • How to get FREE legal advice if you don’t want to use an attorney
    • > How to determine if a settlement offer is fair
    • > Should I settle or go to trial?
    • > Why isn’t my case moving faster?
    • > How to communicate with my attorney for a better outcome
    • > What should I do if I am not satisfied with my attorney?
    • > Our exclusive “Personal Injury Organizer” (for new clients) proven to maximize your claim
    • > And much more.

    To receive a FREE copy of our Core Personal Injury Accident Claim Maximizer Kit call 1-800-935-8511 and ask to speak to a personal injury expert or you can request it by using a the contact form on this page. However, to receive our full Personal Injury Accident Claim Maximizer Kit you must either be a current client of the Attorney Injury Network or a subscriber to our newsletter, “The Personal Injury Ninja”.  Newsletter subscribers may also request a FREE copy of “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It,” our guide to medical treatment after an accident and medical malpractice.

    Basic Personal Injury Accident Checklist

    This is our basic Personal Injury Accident Checklist intended to assist you in assembling vital information regarding your case. It is helpful to have this information ready for your personal when you first meet. It can expedite the claims process and get your attorney working for you faster. It may also document and preserve information and evidence that could create a more positive outcome for you. No two personal injury claims are the same so you may want to include additional information or you may find that not all checklist items apply to your case. some items on this checklist Every claim, including your own, has slightly different requirements and needs.

    If you have any questions about the Personal Injury Accident Checklist or other free materials available from the Attorney Injury Network, call1-800-935-8511. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

    Basic Personal Injury Checklist

    Information to be Gathered

    We understand if you do not have some or all of this information available. Do not wait to call our personal injury experts just because you are missing information! Call now 1-800-935-8511.


    X Item Information
    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your Phone #
    Your Driver’s License #
    Name of Insurance Co.
    Type of Insurance []Full Coverage, []Liability, []Uninsured Motorist, []Med-Pay
    Accident Date
    Accident Date
    Accident Time
    Police Report #
    Officer’s Name
    Officer Dept. Address
    Officer’s Phone #
    Road Conditions
    Names Your Passengers
    Any Passengers Injured?
    Name of Other Drivers
    Address of Other Drivers
    Phone # of Other Drivers
    Any Drivers Unlicensed?
    Other Drivers Insurance Co.
    Names of Witnesses
    Witness Phone#/Address 2
    Were You/Your Passengers Wearing a Seatbelt?
    Ambulance Co. (if any)
    Hospital/ER Phone#/Address
    Name of ER Dr.
    ER Dr. Phone#/Address
    General Injuries
    # of Days in Hospital
    Hospital Release Date
    Your Dr.’s Name
    Your Dr.’s Phone#/Address
    Name of Other Dr. Treating You 1
    Name of Other Dr. Phone#/Address 1
    Name of Other Dr. Treating You 2
    Name of Other Dr. Phone#/Address 2
    Name of Other Dr. Treating You 3
    Name of Other Dr. Phone#/Address 3
    Name of Other Dr. Treating You 2
    Your Occupation
    Name of Employer
    Employer Phone#/Address
    Your Annual Income
    # Days Off Work
    Have You Been Contacted by Insurance Adjusters?
    Adjuster’s Name
    Adjuster’s Phone#/Address

    Important Documents

    If you have any of the following documents, you should gather them and keep them with the checklist above. These things can be very helpful when you meet with your personal injury attorney but, it is OK if you don’t have some or all of them available.

    • > The declaration page of your auto insurance and/or your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance
    • > Health insurance card or policy details
    • > Accident report such as a police report
    • > Photos of your visible injuries, throughout the healing process
    • > Photos of your related to the incident
    • > All correspondence with the insurance companies
    • > All correspondence with the defendant or other involved parties
    • > All medical billing and records from the treatment of your injuries
    • > Any other receipts for spending related to the accident

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