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    At the , many of our clients experience symptoms of whiplash as the result of a . Whiplash injuries can range from mild to severe and are often accompanied by other injuries.

    The sudden “whipping” movement of a person’s head and neck may result in a and lasting trauma that leaves accident victims in a great deal of pain and in some cases it can dramatically decrease the quality of the victim’s life. Whiplash is a real and serious type of neck and that needs to be treated. You may not feel the pain of whiplash immediately. In fact, it could take several days, months or even years before you notice the pain and discomfort of whiplash. So, if you are experiencing any neck pain or headaches, please seek immediate medical treatment.

    If you have suffered a neck or head as a result of an accident, it would not be fair for you to suffer through the pain and expense associate with such injuries or endure a dramatic reduction in income from lost wages. Personal injury law exists to insure that victims of someone else’s negligence are compensated for their pain and suffering and other losses.

    Why Whiplash Injury Victims Need Early Attention

    At one time, whiplash was taken far less seriously both by the medical community and the legal community. Before the advent of CAT Scans and MRI’s, only the most severe whiplash cases were caught in time for someone to recover damages from the person responsible for the injury. In the past, people who claimed to be suffering from whiplash were often labeled as frauds trying to game the system.

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    Now, however, doctors are able to better assess and treat such injuries. Of course, this only applies to those accident victims who are wise enough to seek a full medical evaluation after an accident even if their injuries do not appear to be severe. Sadly, many whiplash victims don’t seek treatment until more serious complications develop leading to much longer treatment and recovery times. Moreover, there is a limited timeframe in which to make a personal injury claim for whiplash. If the time to make a claim has passed or, in most cases, if you have reached a settlement with the insurance company you may lose you right to recover for a later discovered whiplash injury that is attributable to the accident.

     “Even if you do not feel like you have suffered any injury, you should get a complete medical exam to insure that there isn’t a serious whiplash injury hiding under the surface.”

    Call the experienced whiplash attorneys at the Attorney Injury Network today. We are happy to provide you with a free case evaluation and we may be able to assist you with finding a doctor who is qualified to treat your whiplash injury. 1-800-935-8511.

    Whiplash Diagnosis and Treatment

    After an accident you may be taken to the hospital or later go to your doctor or chiropractor’s office to be examined. Usually, the doctor will give you an initial exam and ask you several questions about your symptoms. Whenever there is a neck or head injury your doctor will order x-rays and/or a CAT Scan or MRI to see what is going on inside your head and neck. If you have the signs of whiplash, the doctor may place you in a neck brace to limit your movement and prevent further injury. You may also be prescribed medications for pain and inflammation. You may be sent to physical therapy or you may even need surgery depending on the actual nature and severity of your injury.

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    Common Symptoms of Whiplash
      • > neck pain and stiffness
      • > headache
      • > shoulder pain and stiffness
      • > dizziness
      • > fatigue
      • > jaw pain
      • > arm pain
      • > arm weakness
      • > visual disturbances
      • > ringing in the ears
      • > back pain
    Severe and Chronic Symptoms of “Whiplash Associated Disorder”
      • > depression
      • > anger
      • > frustration
      • > anxiety
      • > stress
      • > drug dependency
      • > post-traumatic stress syndrome
      • > difficulty sleeping
      • > social isolation

    If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms after an accident, seek immediate medical treatment and then call the Attorney Injury Network at 1-800-935-8511.

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