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    It may come as no surprise that there are over 800,000 assaults reported in the United States each year, however, what may surprise you is that many of those cases involve police officers, parole agents, private security officers and other member of law enforcement. Today it is common place to turn on the television and see another news store involving a “rogue cop” or sometime multiple “rogue cops” giving a citizen that they have sworn to protect an undeserved beat down. In most cases of police abuse or assaults by a police officer, the department for which they work is aware that these reprobate cops are dangerous and police officials have stood by doing nothing.

    Beyond the expected cuts and bruises of a police brutality victim, there are serious and often life changing injuries the victim suffers. Spinal cord injuries from being tossed around or treated unnecessarily roughly will handcuffed, handcuffs or other restraints being put on incorrectly or too tightly, head injuries from being punched, stomped or kicked, broken bones, internal injuries and other serious injuries occur at the hands of police seeming on a daily basis.

    Most disturbingly is the number of deaths which occur each year from police officers excessive use of force. While the vast majority of police officers are good people dedicated to upholding the law, there are still plenty of rogue cops out there willing to beat you because you didn’t stop soon enough in your car when you saw the flashing lights behind you or because they didn’t like the color of your skin or the tone of your voice. Police assault, abuse of power, police brutality, whatever you want to call it, is a real thing that occurs and it needs to stop. Police departments often turn a blind eye to complaints of police battery complaints in part because of the unwritten code that governs the police community but also in part to the police unions that aggressively defend even the worst rogue cops.

    “There was a time when a bad cop could beat, abuse or even kill someone he had detained or arrested. That has all changed with prolific use of cell phones and their video recording capabilities.”

    “Police departments and government officials now cannot deny the fact that police assaults and police brutality occur at a much higher rate than what has been reported in the past.”

    For almost 20 years, the of the have represented victims of police assault, police battery and police brutality. Few law firms have handled more police brutality and excessive use of force cases than the Network. Police brutality and excessive use of force cases require a great deal of knowledge and expertise to produce the best outcome. Most attorneys have not even looked at the laws and cases involving excessive use of force or police brutality since they were in law school.

    That is why you need the police brutality lawyers from the Attorney Injury Network. We take on the police department, cities, state, union and insurance companies and win. Call us today for a if you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a police officer. 1-800-935-8511.


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