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    Sadly, the negligence of an individual, corporation or municipality results in you or a loved one suffering injuries from which they will never fully recover. Brain injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, amputations and other horrific, life changing injuries cannot be fully cured even with today’s medical technologies. Often, serious victims are left with a lifelong struggle with medical problems and frequently suffer in pain for the remainder of their lives. The fact is that due to the negligence of someone else, serious injury victims will never live the life that they were once capable of living.

    The serious injury lawyers at the Attorney Injury Network have represented people with brain injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, amputations and other traumatic injuries securing hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in Upland, Ontario, La Verne, Montclair, Pomona, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Bloomington, Alta Loma and the surrounding areas of Southern California.

    Serious Injuries Occur as the Result of Someone Else’s Negligence

    At the , our have seen many heartbreaking cases of healthy, active adults and children who have lost the ability to walk, hug their kids, participate in sports and even the loss of the ability to maintain normal relations with their spouse. Among the saddest cases are those with young people, having so much promise, find themselves with concussive head injuries, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries or paralysis due to the negligence of a person or corporation. The bright eyes of these serious injury victims become dim and they feel hopeless. They often require a great deal of psychological counselling to deal with this emotional distress caused by the negligence of someone else.

    “The lawyers of the Injury Network are committed to restoring the hope of a productive life and the bright eyed vigor of our clients to what it was before the accident that left them with a traumatic brain injury, paralysis or other serious injury.”

    Serious Injury Losses

    The at the Attorney Injury Network believe that the person or corporation that negligently caused serious injury to you or a loved one should be made to compensate you for your loss. Your losses may include:

    • > Paralysis
    • > Loss of Limb – Amputation
    • > Head Injury
    • > Brain Trauma
    • > Spinal Cord Injuries
    • > Loss of Enjoyment of Life
    • > Loss of Income – Lost Wages – Loss of Job
    • > Permanent Disability
    • > Shortened Life Span
    • > Wrongful Death
    • > Loss of Consortium
    • > Future Medical Expenses
    • > Emotional Distress
    • > Pain and Suffering
    • > And other injuries, losses and damages

    If you have suffered a serious injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, the personal injury attorneys of the Attorney Injury Network is here to help. We know during this time that you have many questions and that you are worried about the medical care you or your loved one will receive.  You may be concerned about how you will pay for the long term care or how you will pay your bills now that you or your loved one is unable to work. If it was your child who has been injured, you may be asking yourself how you can work and be at your kid’s bedside at the same time. We have answers to questions like this and we want to help. Please call us today for a . We won’t pressure you. We just want to be your resource at this difficult time. We can discuss your options, get you access to proper medical treatment and tell you what you need to do to preserve your rights. Even when the accident involves the most serious injuries, there are still a number of time limits imposed on you and if you miss even one, your right to recover from the responsible party may be lost forever.

    “All of us at the Attorney Injury Network, we believe in hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their negligence. We will fight to secure the largest settlement or verdict that you are entitled to or you will not pay us a dime.”

    Call today for a free consultation 1-800-935-8511. No Obligation. No Pressure. Just answers.

    Protecting for Your Future

    Serious injuries are caused by all accident types including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, defective products or any number of negligent acts of individuals and corporations. We know every case is different and we will handle your case with the personal attention, dedication and commitment that you deserve.

    It may be a long road ahead for you as you fight to recover from your injuries but rest assured that we will be there protecting your rights and fighting to insure that you receive the largest settlement to which you are entitled.

    “The personal injury experts at the Attorney Injury Network will fight to insure you receive a settlement amount that will provide for you now and long into the future.”

    Call us today at 1-800-935-8511 for a free, no obligation consultation. 


    The Attorney Injury Network serves personal injury victims throughout California including:

    • > Orange County
    • > Los Angeles County
    • > Riverside County
    • > San Bernardino County

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