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    Slip & Fall accident injuries happen in the grocery store, pharmacy, church, sidewalk, stairs, parking lots, restaurants, etc. No one ever expects to slip and fall or that a slip and fall accident will result in a . However, slip and fall accident injuries frequently include; head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and even .

    Most people are surprised to learn that nearly 20,000 people each year die from injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident. On average, a slip and fall accident requiring medical treatment will result in more than $50,000.00 of medical expenses and loss of income. If the slip and fall victim is elderly, has a pre-existing injury or has a medical condition that hasn’t been diagnosed yet, a slip and fall accident may result in life changing injuries or death resulting in damage of well over $100,00.00.

    Slip & fall accidents, are often referred to by and insurance companies as “premises liability” cases. Premises liability cases can be very complex and extremely difficult to prove. “Negligence” is the key element that must be established in virtually all personal injury cases. In slip and fall accidents, the prevailing law gives insurance companies a lot of wiggle room and, given the chance, they will exploit it to reduce or deny your claim.

    Another factor one must take into account is the status of the person who is injured. The degree of responsibility owed by an owner or occupier varies according to whether the injured person was an invitee, licensee, or simply a trespasser. As you can see, things can get complicated. We can help you navigate this legal gauntlet. The aggressively defends your rights and vigorously pursues any rightful claims for damages, medical expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering you have endured.

    “If you have been injured in a slip & fall accident or other premises liability case, the slip and fall experts at the know how to make the insurance company pay and we will fight for you to receive every penny you are entitled in a settlement or verdict.”

    Call an experienced premises liability lawyer at the Attorney Injury Network for a free evaluation of your slip and fall accident injury claim today. 1-800-935-8511.

    Why Hire The Attorney Injury Network as My Slip and Fall Lawyer

    Why should I hire an expert slip and fall lawyer from Attorney Injury Network to represent me in me in my slip and fall case? If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you should at least seek out an experienced premises liability attorney for some advice and a . Personal injury and premises liability laws are complex, subject to frequent change and filled with loopholes and pitfalls to either be exploited or avoided by attorneys and insurance companies. Staying current on the law and keep up on changes in insurance company procedures and even staying current on technological advances in medical care, accident reconstruction and other factors is an arduous task.

    The slip and fall injury specialists at the Attorney Injury Network spend hundreds if not thousands of hours each year researching and reviewing the law to stay current so that our clients have the benefit of cutting edge representation. Only a law firm dedicated to maximizing their clients’ settlement or verdict amount and committed to making their clients whole like the Attorney Injury Network will expend the necessary time and resources to be considered a cutting edge firm.

    “You probably do not know all of the laws affecting your case; that is your attorney’s job. Hiring an attorney that isn’t current on the ever changing personal injury laws will cost you”

    As with all personal injury cases, a slip & fall, premises liability case has strict time limits. If you miss one of the time limit deadlines, even by one day, you can lose your right to recover your damages forever.

    Call the slip and fall experts at the Attorney Injury Network today. We will tell you what you need to do to preserve your rights and insure that you receive the settlement or verdict that you deserve. Call Now 1-800-935-8511.

    Even assuming that the property owner has insurance, you are not guaranteed to be compensated for your slip and fall injuries. Insurance companies are notorious for reducing, delaying and denying payment. In most cases, an insurance adjustor will want to speak with you and collect a written or recorded statement. The adjuster will ask you many tricky “gotcha” questions that they will use against you to reduce or deny your claim. This is why you must have an experienced slip and fall, premises liability lawyer in your corner.

    “A slip and fall attorney from the Attorney Injury Network won’t let the insurance company’s attorneys or adjusters trick you, beat you up, or take advantage of you. Our slip and fall will protect your interests and preserve your rights. Call now for free consultation 1-800-935-8511”

    Many slip & fall accidents will require the use of experts and specialists to examine the location where the slip and fall accident occurred to determine is a hazardous condition exists or existed at the time of the accident and if the owner of the premises was aware or should have been aware of the hazard prior to the slip and fall accident. Your case may also need medical experts, accident reconstructionists and/or forensic scientists to prove your case.

    “The owner of the premises and the insurance companies will have their experts, each of them committed to denying your claim. The experienced premises liability, slip and fall attorneys of the Attorney Injury Network will make sure that you have the right experts in your corner.”

    You need a slip and fall accident injury lawyer willing to go the extra mile to protect your rights and maximize your settlement or verdict amount. At The Attorney Injury Network, here are some of the actions we may take to increase the value of your case.

    • > Conduct a site inspection to determine what caused the accident
    • > Collect evidence of the dangerous condition before it’s lost, misplaced, or destroyed
    • > Track down witnesses that observed the slip and fall accident and had knowledge of the dangerous condition
    • > Find out who is responsible by checking the relevant government documents, including land or title records, to locate the property owners
    • > Search for proof of prior complaints at the same location

    Beyond protecting your rights, the slip and fall accident injury lawyers of the Attorney Injury Network are dedicated to maximizing the amount of your settlement. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation 1-800-935-8511.


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