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    The Attorney Injury Network is one of California’s premier personal injury law firms. The foundation of our law firm is built on strong core values. People like you who have been injured in an accident come to us at a time of extreme distress. Often faced with many difficult decisions, families and individuals trust us for sound legal advice and top tier representation.  We never take that trust for granted.  We think of our clients as our own close friends and family and we treat them accordingly.  Our team of experts include award winning, experienced personal injury attorneys, a network of doctors and medical professionals and a friendly, highly skilled staff ready to assist you.


    The personal injury team at the Attorney Injury Network know that each client’s case is unique and deserves the highest level of care and determination to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. To ensure the highest level of professional service, we limit our personal injury caseload so that our team always has the time, ability and resources necessary to give your case the attention it needs and you deserve.


    At the Attorney Injury Network we fight aggressively for our personal injury clients. No one expects to be injured as a result a someone else’s negligence.  Our accident injury attorneys believe in holding the person or company responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions. We will fiercely protect your rights and interests by going after everyone who has caused your injury or loss. We tirelessly pursue your rightful claims for damages, medical expenses, loss of income, and monetary compensation for any pain and suffering you have endured.


    The Attorney Injury Network believes that we have a duty to our clients and to the communities in which they live.  We support a number of local charities that directly serve our community’s families, children, homeless and health organizations. You will find our attorneys and staff coaching little league and soccer, volunteering at soup kitchens and food banks and collecting toys and clothing for children and families during the holidays. We often find our clients working side by side with us for the good of the community which is one reason we have such success building lasting friendships with them.

    No Out of Pocket Fees

    If the Attorney Injury Network takes your case, we do so because we are confident that you have a legitimate claim and you deserve to be paid for your injuries or loss. We work on a contingency basis which means we get paid only if we secure a settlement or money judgment in your favor. You won’t pay out of pocket for our services which means that anyone can afford to hire the best personal injury attorneys in the area. Don’t delay, everyday that you wait to retain qualified legal representation you run the risk or damaging your case or suffering needlessly by delaying medical treatment.

    For a free consultation call us at 1-800-935-8511 or complete our contact form on the right side of every page on our website.

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